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D_ODR Odour Destroyer is a brand new innovative British product (patent pending) which has evolved from many years of research by a dedicated Research and Development team.
D_ODR Odour Destroyer physically attacks the actual molecules of an odour so the surface source from which the odour emanates is sprayed directly. D_ODR Odour Destroyer is not sprayed into the air like an air freshener. It works directly on the odour molecules and contains no fragrance because it will destroy the fragrance compound also.
The D_ODR Odour Destroyer technology is designed to eliminate all offensive odours including hydrogen sulphide (rotten eggs), ammonia (urine smell), organic sulphur and nitrogen compounds.
Spray a fine mist of D_ODR Odour Destroyer directly onto the source of the odour. After 30 seconds the smell will be greatly diminished or completely destroyed. A second application (if necessary) will ensure complete removal. The only small smell remaining will be a barely detectable neutral inoffensive smell.
Suggested Uses
- Bedding, seating, commodes and other area affected by incontinence.
- Empty bins and rubbish containers. It is recommended that these containers are rinsed thoroughly before spraying with D_ODR Odour Destroyer.
- Worktops and defrosted refrigerators, freezers. It is well known that these appliances harbour permanent smells impregnated in the walls which are experienced when the appliances are switched off.
- Other household uses - for example, dog spoiling on carpet, tobacco pollution on upholstery and cushions. The picture opposite shows an air-cell cushion being decontaminated of tobacco odour.

Why not try our FREE 30 ml. trial pack (carriage cost £3.50 still applies) and see for your self. Also available in 200 ml pack and 500 ml pack.