Leg Muff Plus

  • Model: W102


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As for the leg muff basic with the addition of -
Full length zip extending through to the rear of the foot base enabling the muff to be completely opened for "walk-in" entry to the wheelchair
Storm flap with hook & loop fastening
Choice of 4 sizes : Please see below and specify above
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SizeGirth SizeZip LengthBody Height (approx.)
Small38"-50" (95-125)36" (90)Under 63" (160)
Medium40"-45" (100-140)38" (95)63"-68" (160-180)
Large48"-61" (120-155)42" (105)68"-72" (180-190)
Extra Large54"-67" (135-170)46" (115)Above 72" (190)
NOTE: Girth Size relates to fully dressed girth not personal girth, and Zip Length relates to chest to TOE distance. Note that the zip extends to the rear of the feet

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