Glanmor offers a complete range of trunks for transporting scooters when going on holiday or when just moving from A to B by car, bus, train or plane.
Broadly speaking, the trunks are designed for small mini-type scooters (e.g. Wispa, Rio) and midi-type scooters (e.g. Strider, Monaco). However, we can also supply trunks for the larger scooter.

Model- Product Image Item Name Price
Sxx Custom-built Scooter Trunk

Custom-built Scooter Trunk

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S40 Medium Scooter Trunk

Medium Scooter Trunk


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S35 Small Scooter Trunk

Small Scooter Trunk


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S30 Collapsible Scooter Trunk

Collapsible Scooter Trunk


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