Transfer Slide Sheets

These are handling aids to move a patient horizontally when in a sitting or horizontal position.
The aids consists of a low-friction fabric formed into a loop. The patient is seated towards the bottom edge of the glidesheet and the carer's arms are wrapped around the patient's midriff or grip the handles on the glidesheet, if present. The patient is then rolled effortlessly towards the other edge of the loop.

Model Product Image Item Name Price
M111 Glidesheet Small

Glidesheet Small


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M111H Glidesheet with Handles Small

Glidesheet with Handles Small


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M112 Glidesheet Medium

Glidesheet Medium


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M112H Glidesheet with Handles Medium

Glidesheet with Handles Medium


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M113 Glidesheet Large

Glidesheet Large


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M113H Glidesheet with Handles Large

Glidesheet with Handles Large


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