About Us

Glanmor is a UK company manufacturing a range of disability and rehabilitation products and aids to daily living – typically related to
  • wheelchair and scooter accessories (weatherwear, storage, transport, support, cushions, hoods and canopies)
  • body and limb supports
  • pressure care management
  • manoeuvring aids
  • bedroom and sleeping products
  • footwear (orthopaedic & bed footwear).

We are also specialist manufacturers of standard and bespoke natural sheepskin products in healthcare and the general consumer market. The company has steadily expanded over the last 20 years and has become a volume producer of disability and age related products in UK and Europe.

The company operates in a large manufacturing and storage unit centrally sited in Swansea, West Wales. We also operate a small factory shop which our customers are invited to visit, close to Swansea railway station . We also publish a disability aids catalogue brochure which can be obtained via the Contact page.

We emphasise that much of the company’s growth has emanated from requests from our end-user customers resulting in the adoption of products into our standard product range.

At the same time we operate a custom service providing solutions to unique problems. Existing and prospective customers are invited to submit their ideas and requirements to our marketing and development teams.

If your problem is mobility or lifestyle-based our experts in materials and processes can help. Our business is caring and providing!