Sheepskin Information


Pure wool fibre in the form of genuine medical sheepskin has properties of resilience, vapour dispersion and thermal insulation, which have not been replicated in their entirety in man made fibres.

Beneficial effects of medical sheepskin

These properties of wool fibre are beneficial in the treatment, and reduced incidence, of pressure sores. Sheepskin wool helps compression forces on the skin to be dispersed, reducing friction and shear on the skin. Added to this, the skin is kept dry and warm but ventilated.

The beneficial effects of medical sheepskin have made it the traditional method to prevent pressure sores and provide relief from disabling conditions.

Glanmor sheepskin has high pile density

Genuine medical sheepskin (not to be confused with pure wool woven into a knitted synthetic fabric backing) offers a high density of pile and the natural porosity of skin. Consequently, all Glanmor medical sheepskins are chosen for their density of pile and, when pressure sore prevention is important, a minimum pile depth of 25 mm is specified.

Cleaning and care of Medical Sheepskin

The secret of cleaning sheepskin is to wash and dry at low temperatures. In other words –
1) machine or hand wash at a maximum of 40 C with mild detergent (eg. Dreft) as advised for a woollen garment

2) If machine washing, spin dry
If hand washing, drain naturally without hand wringing

3) If machine drying, tumble dry at low temperature.
If drying on a line, preferably dry naturally away from sunlight

4) After drying comb out with a steel dog comb to restore the wool pile.

Fire Retardancy

The resistance of sheepskin and sheepskin-based products is very good because natural sheepskin is naturally fire resistant. Put a match to sheepskin and it will char and any flame will self-extinguish.
Consequently, the natural fleece, made-up products (cushions, leg covers, mittens & muffs) and pressure care products (heel/elbow protectors, lambswool fleece) meet the requirements of BS7176:1995 Medium Hazard Category when tested using BS5852:1990 Ignition Source 5 (Wooden Crib)

Glanmor medical sheepskin product sizes

Glanmor medical sheepskins are supplied in 3 sizes which are close in size to:

6 square feet, Small Sheepskin 36” x 24” (90 x 60),

8 square feet, Medium Sheepskin 42” x 27” (105 x 70)

10 square feet, Large Sheepskin 48” x 30” (120 x 75).

Because the skins follow a natural shape actual dimensions may vary from these dimensions and it is sometimes necessary to join 2 skins to make up the large size of 10 sq. ft..

Glanmor manufactures a wide range of Sheepskin products

The team at Glanmor have for many years made a range of products using the wonderful properties of medical sheepskin.

For example, see these product categories:

Cushions for wheelchairs scooters and buggies

Supports for pressure relief

Thermal clothing for warmth

Footwear for sufferers with poor circulation or orthopaedic problems.

Special sheepskin items can be made to order

Our standard products including a few specials are on the website, but other products are made to order and these are not illustrated.

Please refer to us by clicking the Contact Us button above if you have any special requirements or if you would like a copy of our Catalogue sent to you by post.