Mattress Protection

All Glanmor mattress protectors have a PVC membrane which prevents the underlying mattress from soiling, and presents an definitive physical barrier to allergens passing from mattress to patient. Allergens are harmful substances derived from organic, house dust and bed mite waste, and are the most common cause of respiratory problems to most people. Mattresses are considered by allergy experts to be the prime source of allergenic attack.

The most basic protector made by Glanmor is a PLASTIC breathable flame retardant cover covering top and sides of the mattress with the corner seams (and any other seams) fused by welding. The material in the plastic cover is specifically designed for bed protection and hospital use and conforms to BS3878 (Specification for flexible PVC sheeting for hospital use). For thermal comfort as well as mattress protection a TERRY TOWELLING or QUILTED mattress protector is also made. Compared to the terry towelling cover, the quilted cover provides better wicking and absorbency but less durability. Both these protectors have a PVC underlaminate to guarantee 100% waterproofness.

For extreme bed wetting the felted INCONTINENCE PAD is needed. The internal felt wadding with its fine pores provides a reservoir for liquid in the pad yet maintains an effective dry pad-to-skin surface contact.

Summarising, the plastic cover offers the cheapest direct method of mattress protection and mite infestation requiring only sponging with disinfectant solution. On the other hand, dearer protective solutions provide thermal benefits and better retention of body fluid. But the latter products require cleaning by washing machine.