Incontinence Mattress Pad WITH Tuck-in

  • Model: B111


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Fully waterproof washable incontinence pad designed to protect the bed linen and mattress from moisture staining.
Manufactured with a 3 layer construction ? (See schematic below)
Layer 1 (Top) : 100% brushed polyester fabric with the maximum hydrophilic properties to prevent ? wet-back? and keep the patient dry
Layer 2 (Middle) : Internal reservoir layer with a non-woven blend of fibres for maximum absorption
Layer 3 (Bottom) : Non-slip waterproof vinyl barrier
Fluid absorbancy : Between 2.5 and 3 litres
Poly-cotton tuck-in wing each side
Launderable using standard hospital foul washing procedures and tested to over 300 washes without the problem of rucking or rotting stitches
Choice of colour : Pink, white
Pad Size: 34" x 36" (86 x 91)

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