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This is a bag-like leg and body covering for lower body protection and warmth with the following features -
Universal slits for shoulder, and crotch harness straps (See images below). The strap slits are supplied closed and optionally opened by the user if needed.
Back panel with adjustable attachment to either handles or backrest
Front panel can be zipped back for easy access or, if necessary, completely detached for cleaning leaving the harnessed remainder in situ
Feet base with vinyl coated wipe clean inner surface
Choice of 3 sizes :
Junior 1: Chest to toe (front) 24"(60), Girth 32"(80), Head to heel (back) 30"(75)
Junior 2: Chest to toe (front) 30"(75), Girth 37"(95), Head to heel (back) 37"(95)
Junior 3: Chest to toe (front) 35"(90), Girth 43"(110), Head to heel (back) 45"(115)
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Choice of colour: The cosytoes is available in black, grey or burgundy body with a choice of 8 front panel colours (See image below). Please specify your choice of body and panel colour below
For larger thermal outerwear we direct you to leg bags and leg muffs in the adult section